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Upholstery Cleaning

Austin Carpet Cleaning - upholstery cleaning department is located in Austin, Texas. We have a unique specialty in upholstered furniture cleaning because we knows that your furniture is one of your most valuable investments. Choosing upholstered furniture cleaning in Austin requires a service provider you can trust.

Austin Carpet Cleaning professional technicians are specifically trained to take care of all kinds of fabric, even if it is delicate. we chooses the right upholstery cleaning methods for your furniture and uses special tools to clean gently into folds and crevices to ensure an entire cleaning.

The Process of Upholstery Cleaning

Your furniture upholstery is as important to how the room looks as the carpet does. This is the reason why our upholstery cleaning team uses the same process for upholstery cleaning that other companies use for carpet cleaning care. Your upholstery cushions and leather covers go through a process to deodorize them.

Our exclusive upholstery cleaning technology includes a specially formulated hypoallergenic substitute that penetrates the fiber content to remove deeply rooted dirt from the padding and pillows. You can enjoy clean upholstered furniture and fresh smelling curtains and drapery by utilizing Carpet Cleaning Austin environment friendly cleaning (green clean) services and cleaning tools.

Most new upholstery furniture whether it is polyester made arm chairs, dining chair, recliners, sofa, and car seats, they all come treated with a fabric protector. But this fabric protector can wear off over a period of time and may need new fabric construction. Using a method to reapply the fabric, it helps to preserve the look and color of your upholstery furniture. Having the furniture protected gives it a longer extended life and saves you money in the long run.

Furniture Cleaning

We service all types of upholstery including cotton, polyester, foam, fills, textiles, feather, webbing and any wood furniture cleaning. Whenever our trained technicians come to do a pre-inspection, they try to use a test spot to find out what the problems are and to come up with a cleaning solution that best fit that need. They will open the zippers and examine dye stability and the springs to see if any pre-treatment is necessary. Dusting, shampooing, vacuuming, sanitizing and disinfecting the furniture first is part of the ongoing cleaning process to get rid of the embedded dirt.

Our upholstery cleaning team also specializes in auto cleaning upholstery for car owners who take pride in keeping their motor vehicles clean and safe. Most drivers spend so much time in their vehicles anyway and it is important to keep it clean.

We take pride in our furniture cleaning techniques and upholstery specialty products. we have taken the guesswork out of cleaning and offers high quality furniture and household cleaning services to the community and surrounding areas. There is never a time when homeowners can feel great about using naturally safe products and put a breath of fresh air into their home as it is with Austin Carpet Cleaning.

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