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I met my downstairs neighbor, Gerald, last year, when our pipes were leaking and he wanted to show me the water damage in his bathroom. Aside from the ugly stain on the ceiling, his bathroom looked amazing - but what was even more amazing is that it was identical to mine - except for that in my apartment, all the tiles looked dull, and the grout was a little black. I asked him if the building super remodeled his unit - his answer was to give me Austin Carpet Cleaning's card. I didn't really understand - what does carpet cleaning have to do with the bathroom tiles? Gerald told me that they are cleaning experts - he has them clean his carpets and furniture every few years, too. Gerald was right. I had them come in and clean the tile and grout in my bathroom and in the kitchen - it looks as good as new.

Emily Clay (Oct, 2011)


Austin Carpet Cleaning is probably the best carpet cleaning company that I've ever used, and I feel very comfortable recommending them to others. I started looking for a company to clean the rugs in my home about a month ago. I called four or five companies for estimates. Even though Carpet Cleaning Austin's estimate wasn't the cheapest, I felt confident that it was the best - the person I spoke with was very thorough... asked a lot of questions about my rugs and about what I was expecting. He said that the estimate was all inclusive and he was true to his word. On cleaning day, the technicians showed up on time, were courteous and scrupulous in their work. I couldn't be more pleased with the whole experience.

Tom Emerson (Nov, 2011)


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