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Carpet Cleaning Jollyville - the professional carpet cleaning experts that take extra care when cleaning your home or office.

Jollyville is a nice place to come home to, especially when your home is nice and clean - and somebody else has done the cleaning, somebody with professional knowledge and equipment. Somebody who takes the time to move the furniture - beds, chairs, and even sofas so they can get the vacuuming done properly before moving on to sanitizing and cleaning your rugs, carpets and upholstery, someone like Jollyville Carpet Cleaning.

Our services are not limited to the Jollyville, TX area, we also serve:

Cleaning Services

Whether you've got wall-to-wall carpeting or shag rugs or some other type of floor covering you can be sure that we can get it cleaned in no time - and without the use of harsh detergent or harmful chemicals. We use Truck Mounts - self-contained truck mounted cleaning units used for steam cleaning for quick, effective environment friendly cleaning (green clean).

This type of cleaning machine, once reserved for industrial use, is now available for a much wider variety of uses, such as rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. There are many residual health benefits - cleaning your carpet and furniture upholstery regularly will help control allergies and asthma.

Carpet Cleaning Jollyville offers a full range of cleaning services well beyond carpet and upholstery such as wood floor, tile and grout and air duct cleaning for example. We'll take care of carpet repair when needed, and we are the cleaners known to be the best at removing stains messes.

New to Jollyville, or moving to town, call for a free estimate on our move in and out cleaning special. We use advanced technology and a natural cleaning product to clean mattresses, furnishings and upholstery. We also offer emergency water damage restoration service, we will help you deal with any type of water damage no netter how small or big.

Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaning Jollyville believes in giving back to the community. That's why we provide valuable coupons as well as some useful tips for cleaning that you can put into action between our visits:

  • Put a mat outside your front door - or just inside - so that people can wipe off some of that grime from their feet before they deposit it on your beautiful carpet.
  • When you've got wood flooring underneath your throw rugs, wood floor cleaning is just as important as cleaning your carpets. Dry mop or use a barely damp mop to wipe your floors, using wet mop will damage the wood.
  • If you decide to clean your carpets on your own, be sure to vacuum before shampooing or you'll find yourself with a muddy carpet instead of a clean one.

For more cleaning tips or to make an appointment call Austin Carpet Cleaning at 512-535-2386.

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