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Carpet Cleaning - Garfield, TX 78617

Interested in learning more about Carpet Cleaning Garfield and what we can offer? It's easy! Simply read the FAQ's and answers below.

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Q: Do you serve all areas of Garfield?

A: Yes. Whether you are located on Granny Dr., Greenwood Dr., Houston Lane, or in another location, one of our Garfield Carpet Cleaning professionals would be happy to assist you.

Q: Do you have any useful tips for carpet cleaning?

A: Yes, but first you should understand a little about how your carpet gets dirty in the first place. All of the soil that gets into your carpet is actually composed of dry and oily material. You can remove the dry stuff on your own, but the only way to get rid of the oil is by shampooing and steam cleaning. When you're in this situation, your absolute best bet is to call a professional carpet cleaning company and request their services.

Q: Couldn't I just rent a carpet cleaning machine and do it myself?

A: You could, but your carpets won't get cleaned as thoroughly. That's because we use advanced cleaning technology, including truck mounted carpet cleaning units. Our use of truck mounts and superior carpet cleaning products allows us to deliver results that are a cut above what you can achieve on your own.

Q: Aside from looking better, what are the advantages of this type of house carpet cleaning?

A: There are several. First, it's a good way of cleaning carpet stains that can damage carpeted surfaces, as well as make them look less than attractive. It also enhances carpet cleaning health, meaning that floor covering in your home will be more durable and last longer, which will eliminate, or at least reduce, the need for carpet cleaning repair. Finally, it can help control allergies and asthma.

Q: Cleaners containing harsh detergent materials really bother me. Any suggestions?

A: Yes! We offer environment friendly carpet cleaning (green clean). We will use a natural cleaning product that, while powerful enough for tough commercial carpet cleaning jobs, won't irritate environmental sensitivities.

Q: Can you handle other types of floor surfaces?

A: Yes. Aside from regular carpet cleaning, which includes shag, we can also do rug cleaning and wood floor cleaning.

Q: Who would I call if I wanted to freshen up my upholstery?

A: The best thing about Garfield Carpet Cleaning is that we offer so much more than just carpet cleaning. We are experts in upholstery cleaning, and can handle all these types of furniture, including sofas and chairs.

Upholstered furniture can look dull over time, and because it's so difficult to care for, some people simply decide to throw their furniture away when this happens. Save money by having your upholstery looked after by a true professional who can make it look new again.

Q: Do you offer anything else?

A: Yes. We can also do air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and sanitizing, and auto interior cleaning, including that pesky floor mat. We can even do mattresses and beds, effectively removing those stains and odors that build up over the years.

Q: How much will all this cost?

A: It totally depends on what you need done. Move in and out cleaning or looking after wall-to-wall carpeting, for example, will obviously be more expensive than a simple rug cleaning job. However, you do not have to commit upfront, as we are happy to provide a free estimate based on your needs. And remember, we also accept coupons, so that job might just cost less than you think.

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