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Carpet Cleaning - Buffalo Gap, TX

Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Gap is happy to take care of your carpet and furniture so that your entire house will be cleaned to perfection, not just your floor covering.

When it comes to carpets, there are several things that you should be aware of. Useful tips for carpet cleaning provided by magazines or websites will tell you that vacuuming and using a mat at entry points to rooms are essential. This is true, but shampooing shag is the most effective way to remove oil and deep dirt. In fact, that cleaning machine you purchased at your local department store cannot remove any oil, and only deals with solid dirt that sits on the surface.

Our cleaning technology is different. We use truck mounted cleaning units and cleaners that are suitable for the toughest rug cleaning jobs, and we can handle wall-to-wall carpeting with ease. Our truck mounts - proven effective steam cleaning method - is also used to provide environment friendly carpet and rug cleaning (green clean). Using a natural cleaning product we can do rug cleaning that is just as effective as conventional carpet cleaning techniques, but doesn't require the use of a detergent.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet professionally cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Gap offers several benefits. A periodic and thorough cleaning will increase your carpet health. Carpeting that is not done regularly will result in wear and damage to flooring, which can lead to costly carpet repairs. Our method is also suitable for cleaning carpet stain, and will help control allergies and asthma. We can handle other types of flooring as well, so ask about our wood floor cleaning too.

Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Gap experts can provide a variety of cleaning services in addition to just house carpet and rug cleaning: air duct cleaning, tile and grout, upholstery, auto interior, and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning.

The beauty of hiring us is that we can also handle furniture and upholstery cleaning projects. If your chairs and sofas look and smell less than fresh, we can help. Our sanitizing products and gentle method will leave all your upholstery furnishings clean and looking their best. Most important, we will never use a product unless we are certain it will not damage your upholstery, which can happen quite easily if you try to do it yourself.

For those who are relocating to another home or want to have their entire house sparkling for a special occasion coming up, we also offer move in and out cleaning. All of the services explained above can be offered as part of this comprehensive package. In addition, Carpet Cleaning Buffalo Gap can also handle beds, mattresses, pillows etc.

Austin Carpet Cleaning 512-535-2386 is here to help you with all your home and office cleaning needs.

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