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Furniture Cleaning

In such a thriving city as is Austin, Texas, you don't want to be bogged down with furniture cleaning whether it is bedroom furniture, living room furniture or upholstery. Let the professionals at Austin Carpet Cleaning take care of all aspects of cleaning furniture, leaving you time and energy to enjoy this vibrant city and healthy clean furniture to savor and enjoy.

Furniture cleaning is as important as cleaning floors and carpets since dust and mites can get attracted to your furniture just as they can to mats and floors. By having clean upholstery and furniture you help to avoid the collection of dusts and allergens in addition to maintaining the look and quality of your furniture. Having your furniture and furnishings cleaned on a regular basis is as important as cleaning everything else in your surroundings.

Furniture Cleaning Services

At Austin Carpet Cleaning we offer comprehensive cleaning services for all types of furniture, whether it is outdoor furniture, coffee tables, bedding sets, beds, chairs and so on. Our cleaners are part of a highly skilled and trained team of experts who treat each and every piece of your furniture with the same care and attention to detail. Once our staff has left your home, you will gain not only clean furniture, but also a very good mood!

The furniture cleaning department of Austin Carpet Cleaning is a true professional. No matter what job needs to be done and how large or small it is, we are here to help. Our team of experts will test a small area of each piece of furniture, whether it is made from special fabrics or is classic oak furniture or smart sofas, we check that there is no reaction to the environmentally friendly cleaning products we use, and then proceed to clean the whole piece. Our furniture cleaning department is in tune with the rest of Austin, TX in that we use only green products and help Austin to remain the greenest city in America.

Chairs and Mattress Cleaning

At Austin Carpet Cleaning we will work around your schedule to fit in with you and your family's needs. If you need your beds cleaning during the day and your dining room furniture sparkling at night - we can work out a schedule. If your sofas need an extra care and your upholstery has a stubborn stain, we are happy to be invited to take care of all of your furniture cleaning needs. Chairs, sofas, mattresses and beds are all part of our wide expertise and capabilities.

You can call us now for a free estimate and invite one of our skilled cleaning technicians to your home or office to review what needs to be done and work out a cleaning plan. We look forward to working for you and welcoming you to our team of satisfied customers at Austin Carpet Cleaning

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