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Area Rug Cleaning

Are you searching for professional rug cleaning in Austin? Austin Carpet Cleaning is here for you! We are proud to offer services in your immediate area, and we have a long list of satisfied customers. They just might be some of your neighbors! Whether you need wall-to-wall carpeting or a variety of types of area rugs cleaned, we can provide an service technician expert with skills in exactly the cleaning method required.

A one-stop-shop just doesn't fit the bill when it comes to areas rugs. each type of rug can require a different cleaning method. For example, wool area rugs and silk rugs are be made from drastically different materials, and hence require drastically different cleaning methods. With all area rugs, it is important to ascertain whether or not cleaning with water is acceptable, as colors may run.

Green Rug Cleaning

The rug should also be evaluated to know whether natural solvents should be used, or if synthetic chemicals (such as a wool-safe shampoo) would be safe. In cleaning oriental rugs, the cleaning process is very delicate, involving altering the pH level and then applying self-neutralizing ingredients so that the exact state of the rug is returned. Even the presence of tassels or simple binding on the area rug can change the cleaning process required.

After removing all dust, dirt and debris from the area, we at Area Rug Cleaning will hand wash it (if applicable), and speed dry it, in a controlled environment combining heat, air movement and dehumidification. Any fringe present will be carefully cleaned and restored as well. Finally, we will inspect the carpet again to ensure the cleaning process was done as thoroughly as possible.

Area Rug Cleaning Austin

Area rug cleaning Austin should only be entrusted to true professionals. Our Area Rug Cleaning technicians have been thoroughly trained and have years of experience in cleaning a wide variety of types of materials. We will carefully test each rug to ensure that absolutely no harm comes to any are rug. We at Austin Area rug cleaning believe in treating your home as our own, and will therefore pay the utmost respect to your belongings.

Although routine vacuuming and quickly soaking up any spills will keep the majority of damage to your area rugs at bay, dirt and debris can quickly settle down between the fibers of your rugs between regular cleaning. This dirt actually breaks down the fibers of your rugs, resulting in a shorter life span and a worn-looking rug more quickly.

Professional Rug Cleaning

While the myth abounds that professional carpet cleaning is damaging to your carpets, quite the opposite is true. Furthermore, because professional area rug cleaning services remove dirt and debris from deep within your rugs, a healthier environment is created, as many allergenic particles such as pollen, dust, etc. are removed.

Area Rug Cleaning Austin understands that you have a lot of money and sentiment invested in your area rugs. With this in mind, we treat each rug as carefully as if it were our own. We strive to ensure all of our customers are more than happy with our service, so that they all come back to us again with their needs.

Please call Carpet Cleaning Austin today at 512-535-2386 to learn more about the variety of area rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning services we offer.

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